ARTIST AT VIDEONALE.2, 4, 5, 6 & 7

DATE 1992 LENGTH 7:13 min FORMAT 4:3
SPECIFICATIONS colour, sound, single channel

I have decided on this maybe somewhat edgy video because Videonale represented – as counterpoint to the Videofestival in Berlin – non-fictional video art. »The close links between visual art and music have ensured Annebarbe Kau’s works a special position, even among the video artists of her generation. By abandoning the quick-fire cuts and image sequences of video clips, the artist has found her way to a hauntingly poetic visual language, whose expressive power already is an unmistakeable character.« (Prof. Dr. Klaus Schrenk)

Videonale wanted to display art in all its aspects. For us, graduates of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, the festival was a potential home besides Osnabrück and Berlin. To see one’s own work in an international context was always an enrichment. Besides other experiences, my participation in the pre-jury of VIDEONALE.6 left its traces. Viewing all the tapes was a strenuous but exciting undertaking. Then as today, criteria must be found which make the appreciation of art – likewise of video art – possible, and to discern quality in an international context.