Festival Programme

Like the exhibition itself, the VIDEONALE.15 festival programme will deal with the competition theme “The Call of the Wild”, and will take a closer look at the “Wild” as the description and examination of new and still undefined fields of activity-, image- or conceptual space. The focus will be thereby on the new dimensions which come about as the result of an all-embracing digitalisation. The question about how to handle the expanding, wide-scale monitoring of our data- and communication channels and its effects is examined, as are the new aesthetic and artistic ways of using the surface of a digitally generated world.

The admission to all events of the festival programme of VIDEONALE.15 is free.

  • Thursday, 26th February 2015

    8 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Opening VIDEONALE.15

    During the opening ceremony the Videonale Award of KfW Stiftung will be awarded.

    8 pm Foyer Kunstmuseum Bonn

  • Friday, 27th February 2015

    11 am-12.30 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Panel: The Act of Liberation. Rage Against the Machine (Englisch)

    Christoph Faulhaber (Artist, Hamburg)
    Ole Reißmann (Editor Spiegel Online, Department Net World, Hamburg)
    !Mediengruppe Bitnik (Artists, Zurich/London)
    Moderation: Dr. Julia Draganovic (Jury V.15, director Kunsthalle Osnabrück)

    In 1984 the Apple Macintosh is launched. The era of the personal computer begins. And 30 years later, this is the device which gives us a surfeit of data and the loss of the private sphere. Now, some 20 years after the start of the World Wide Web, we see that the internet is not only an open space for exchanging ideas but also a place under surveillance. The net has wormed its way into everything we do, private information is stockpiled and evaluated for commercial and political use.

    What is the hybrid potential of networked media and how do artists protest against this apparent freedom of the internet? How does the net, as a commercial collector of data, affect the work of artists? How do artists take the surveillance apparatus as a theme and what role does the moving image play here?

    12.45-1.15 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Guided Tours: Artist Slots (German / English)

    Artists of V.15 speak about their work.
    Meeting point: Main hall of the V.15 exhibition

    1.15-2 pm

    2-3 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Artist Talk: Change of Position (English)

    Talk with VIDEONALE.15 artists:
    Ayla Pierrot Arendt (Frankfurt am Main)
    Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz (Berlin)
    Vika Kirchenbauer (Berlin)
    Moderation: Erik Martinson (Jury V.15, free curator, London/Toronto)

    3.30-4.30 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Lecture: Maps of Myths: Memory Space and Digital Remembrance in the Egyptian Revolution (English)

    Heba Amin (Artist, lecturer University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin)

    What happens when the events of a revolution unfold online, when governments and ideologies change and people are potentially held accountable for past online activity? How can we begin to deal with the trauma of the past when it continues to haunt us in the future? This presentation which uses Egypt as a case study investigates spaces of remembrance in the age of digital communication and examines how public memory is intertwined with urban topologies and new media.

    5-5.45 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Presentation: DETOUR (English)

    Amado Alfadni (Director Nabta Art & Culture Center, Cairo)
    Tasja Langenbach (Artistic director VIDEONALE.15)
    Jan Hoeft (Artist, Cologne)
    Patrick Rieve (Artist, Cologne)

    Within the framework of the cultural support programme TANDEM SHAML, Videonale e.V. and the Nabta Centre for Art and Culture, Egypt have organised the project DETOUR. In two workshops German and Egyptian artists worked together developing artistic activities in Cairo’s public spaces. Their aim was to ask questions about how public spaces are treated in a city like Cairo in general, and after the revolution in particular.

    A project of TandemShaml-European Cultural Managers Exchange Europe-Arab Region. The event is funded by ifa-Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.

    6 pm Meeting point forecourt Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Performance / Tour: LeGuide with Balz Isler (Artist, Berlin/Zurich)

    Balz Isler

    LeGuide is an art tour with its own rules. In an old mail bus of the Swiss Post it takes the path between one scene and others and back to the first one again. Like the works which the tour visits and discusses, the tour has its own vocabulary of form for combining themes and perspectives. The Swiss performer and media artist Balz Isler invites you to join him on his tour round the VIDEONALE.PARCOURS; itself a performance. The tightrope walk between consumption, commerce and sensitive interest.

    The bus tour through the VIDEONALE.PARCOURS ends at about 8 pm at Fabrik 45
    Application required at

    6-8 pm at all VIDEONALE.PARCOURS stations

    BaseCamp Bonn, Bonner Kunstverein, DAS ESSZIMMER, Fabrik 45, Frankenbad, Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Künstlerforum, Kunstmuseum Bonn, LVR-LandesMuseum

    8.30 pm Fabrik 45
    VIDEONALE.15 Get Together

    Snacks & drinks

    9.30 pm Fabrik 45
    Concert: halfway house by Hall&Rauch

    videonale H&R 2

    If you made 2 copies – a mirror-image of all the noise – it wouldn’t have to be very big, and then you leaned those two mirrors against one another, maybe it – it would be like, like, an eternal reflection of silence.

    10 pm Fabrik 45
    VIDEONALE.15 Party
    Music by Niko Chodor


    Among others, the question is whether Elvis Presley was more important than the landing on the moon. Do you have to give a thumbs-up when you recognise the song which is now playing because you noticed its title on a poster on the wall – or maybe you don’t, it’s not quite clear.  A totally discrete layer of meaning – about the evening, the place, the opening and the exhibition – that you can somehow dance to.

  • Saturday, 28th February 2015

    11-11.30 am Auditorium Kunstmuseum
    Lecture Performance: Wild Wild Web. Internet Culture Between Art and Abyss

    Ole Reißmann (Editor Spiegel Online, Department Net World, Hamburg)
    Hakan Tanriverdi (Free Journalist Sü, Department Digital, Munich)

    In the weakly lit corners of the web, far from all the hype and commerce, an internet culture has developed over the years. A few phenomena of this network culture have surfaced in the mainstream as memes. We laugh at Grumpy Cat and see Anonymous masks at every demonstration. Other phenomena defy exploitation, remain cryptic, ambivalent, disturbing. We’re taking a look at these dark corners, visiting “Deep YouTube”, “Weird Twitter” and then jumping to post-internet art.

    11.30 am-1 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum
    Panel: After the Internet. Brave New World of Images (English)

    Uri Aviv (Director Utopia, Tel Aviv)
    Prof. Dr. Knut Ebeling (Media Theory and Aesthetics, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin)
    Elodie Evers (Curator Kunsthalle Düsseldorf)
    Moderation: Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt (Curator, author, Düsseldorf)

    With the internet boom of the 90s began the artistic exploration of the internet. Nowadays young artists, who we can call digital natives and are part of a generation which grew up with and in the internet, are busying themselves with the new “anonymous materials”. They work with all sorts of membranes, surfaces and displays. Motifs originate in the worldwide data flows, pictures cannot be traced back and videos are shared millions of times on Facebook.

    What influences do the new technologies exert on the visual forms and languages of the moving image? What are the distinguishing features of the so-called post-internet art? How do internet phenomena influence video art and its production? What can we forecast for the future?

    1-2 pm

    2-3 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Artist Talk: Future Perfect (English)

    Talk with VIDEONALE.15 artists:
    Amina Handke (Vienna)
    Constantin Hartenstein (New York)
    NEOZOON (Berlin/Paris)
    Moderation: Carla Donauer (Jury V.15, curator Kölnischer Kunstverein)

    3.15-3.45 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Guided Tours: Jury Slots (German / English)

    V.15 jury members speak about the presented works.
    Meeting point: Main hall of the V.15 exhibition

    4-5 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Lecture: ArtOnYourScreen – Using the Browser as Canvas (English)

    Julia Jochem (Project Manager Digital Media, ZKM Karlsruhe)

    ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS) is an innovative online exhibition platform of the ZKM. It defines a place for artistic production and education under the conditions of the networked world. AOYS reveals the potential of an online art museum: Instead of presenting digitized analogue art, AOYS presents artworks that use the infrastructure of the web – the browser functions as canvas. The works are mainly interactive, so the user is not only the spectator or contemplator but an important part that completes the piece and gives it different shapes and appearances.

    5 pm Foyer Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4, Bonn
    Get Together

    In cooperation with Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Sprüth Magers and Institut français Bonn

    5.45 pm Forum Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4, Bonn
    Reception / Introduction: THE HUMANS von Alexandre Singh

    Rein Wolfs (Director-general Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
    Tasja Langenbach (Artistic director VIDEONALE.15)

    6-9 pm Forum Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4, Bonn
    Screening: THE HUMANS von Alexandre Singh (4K-Single-Channel-Projection, 2013-2014, 2:53h)
    German premiere
    The artist will be present

    Alexandre Singh, THE HUMANS (film still), (c) Alexandre Singh, Courtesy of Sprüth Magers

    In his videodrama THE HUMANS, Alexandre Singh creates a parallel word in which western culture’s centuries old conflict between dionysian chaos and apollonian perfection is being fought out. In three acts Singh mixes numerous references to the history of literature and art, from Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Woody Allen, and George Grosz to Oscar Wilde, Rabelais und Daumier. The result is a reflection on the way in which contemporary artists are forced to make a decision for one of these poles.

    In cooperation with Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Sprüth Magers and Institut français Bonn

  • Sunday, 1st March 2015

    2-8.30 pm Forum Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4, Bonn
    Retrospective: Isaac Julien
    Curated by Olaf Stüber, Berlin

    2-4.30 pm Programme I
    WHO KILLED COLIN ROACH, 1983, 34:00 min
    TERRITORIES, 1984, 24:00 min
    FRANTZ FANON: Black skin, White Mask, 1996, 68:00 min

    4.45-6.15 pm Programme II
    LOOKING FOR LANGSTON, 1989, 44:00 min
    THE LONG ROAD TO MAZTLáN, 1999, 18:00 min
    BALTIMORE, 2003, 11:00 min
    Isaac Julien. Baltimore Series (Angela in Blue, No.1). 2003. Framed digital print on Epsom Premium Photo Glossy, 101.7 x 125.2 cm. Courtesy Isaac Julien Studio
    Isaac Julien. Baltimore Series (Angela in Blue, No.1). 2003. Framed digital print on Epsom Premium Photo Glossy, 101.7 x 125.2 cm. Courtesy Isaac Julien Studio

    6.30-8.30 pm Programme III
    YOUNG SOUL REBELS, 1991, 105:00 min

    The artist is present at all programmes

  • Wednesday, 11th March 2015

    7-9 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Screening/Lecture series: Fluid States – Fluid Media: The Revolutionary (English)

    Siska (Artist, Beirut/Berlin)

    A new experimental documentary approach to filmmaking has evolved in Lebanon along with the reinvention of the film industry after the civil war – more provocative, wild and even crazy. This screening program brings together a selection of short videos by contemporary Lebanese filmmakers and artists currently experimenting with this field of filmmaking, politically and artistically.

  • Wednesday, 18th March 2015

    7-9 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Screening/Lecture series: Fluid States – Fluid Media: The “post” eastern European situation (English)

    Prof. Marina Gržinić (Artist, philosopher, researcher, Ljubljana/Vienna)

    The presentation will focus on a number of video excerpts by different generations of artists from former Eastern Europe, particularly former Yugoslavia and Russia that work with the aesthetics, politics and technologies of the medium of video. They use it to express thoughts about memory, history, nationalism and different forms of structural racism as well as relations, both within and outside the European Union, that are reinforcing the dissemination of discrimination and deregulations.

  • Saturday, 21st March 2015

    4-6 pm LVR-LandesMuseum
    Guided Tour: EINE ART Video Walk

    A tour of selected stations of the VIDEONALE.PARCOURS. Starting at the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, where four Parcours positions are engaged in an exciting dialogue with the collection, we take ourselves off to Bonn’s northern area. Artists, curators, art historians and specialists in other fields keep us company. In an open discussion they provide us with an insight into the project. The tour finishes with a get-together, followed by a performance in Fabrik 45.

    In cooperation with EINE ART CLUB

    6.30-7.30 pm Fabrik 45
    Performance: TRAVELLING CINEMA by Alisa Berger and Lena Ditte Nissen (VIDEONALE.PARCOURS)

    TRAVELLING CINEMA blends expanded cinema, poetry and sound – it experiments with a synthesis of image, text and sound and also the physical presence of the artists. The performance mixes own and found film material and texts, in order to approach its own surroundings and provide them with an audio-visual expression.

  • Wednesday, 25th March 2015

    6.-6.30 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Guided Tour After Work: VIDEONALE.15 exhibition

    7-9 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Screening/Lecture series: Fluid States – Fluid Media: Descriptions of Georgian Video Art  (English)

    George Spanderashvili, Galaqtion Eristavi, Aleksi Soselia, Tamara Muskhelishvili

    The rather young history of Georgian Video Art starts with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, where the development of new forms of artistic representation was encouraged by the accompanying sociocultural shift, which emerged between the poles of paradigm change and reorientation. The lecture will introduce the Georgian Video Art Archive, relevant video art works, authors and trends of Georgian video art.

    Funded by ifa-Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

  • Wednesday, 1st April 2015

    6.-6.30 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Guided Tour After Work: VIDEONALE.15 exhibition

    7-9 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Lecture: Wastelands – Portraits of landscape in film and video art (German)

    Philipp Scheid (Art historian, University of Bonn)

    What does the outside world tell us when it is given the starring role in a film? The lecture applies this question to selected works by Videonale artists, and investigates the way in which the moving image has influenced the artistic and art-historical construction of aesthetic landscapes since the 60s.

  • Friday, 17th April 2015 - Finissage

    On the occasion of Art Cologne

    12-1.30 pm Art Cologne
    Panel: The Gallery and the Moving Image. Media-Art-Market: The Business with Video Art (English)

    Ellen de Brujine (Director Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam)
    Dennis Hochköppeler (Director Galerie DREI, Cologne)

    With the art fair Art Cologne as its context, this event looks at the role which art galleries play in the production and distribution of the moving image. What are the functions of a gallery with respect to the promotion of time-based art? Where is the moving image placed in the gallery’s programme? What importance does this art form have, also commercially, for the primary market? What can media artists do in order to successfully find a gallery?

    In cooperation with SK Stiftung Kultur Köln

    See the Summary of the Panel The Gallery and the Moving Image here

  • Saturday, 18th April 2015 - Finissage

    2-8.30 pm Auditorium Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Retrospective: Lawrence Weiner
    Curated by Olaf Stüber, Berlin

    2-3.30 pm Programme I
    A BIT OF MATTER AND A LITTLE BIT MORE, 1976, 23:00 min
    THERE BUT FOR, 1980, 20:00 min
    PASSAGE TO THE NORTH, 1981, 16:00 minpassage_to_the_north_courtesy_moved_pictures_archive,_nyc
     Lawrence Weiner: Passage to the north. Courtesy moved pictures archive, NYC

    3.45-4.45 pm Programme II
    EYES ON THE PRIZE, 1999, 18:00 min
    HOW FAR IS THERE, 1999, 17:00 min
    WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, 1999, 16:00 min

    5-6.45 pm Programme III
    BLUE MOON OVER, 2001, 5:14 min
    WILD BLUE YONDER, 2002, 15:15 min
    SINK OR SWIM, 2003, 18:00 min
    WATER IN MILK EXISTS, 2008, 22:52 min

    7-8.30 pm Programme IV
    A FIRST QUARTER, 1973, 1:25:00 min

    Lawrence Weiner can unfortunately not be present personally but prepares a personal video introduction for every programme.

  • Sunday, 19th April 2015 - Finissage

    2-3 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Screening: VIDEONALE IN LAGOS: Changing City – Shifting Spaces
    Curated by Jude Anogwih (Video Art Network Lagos) and Tasja Langenbach & Jennifer Gassmann (Videonale, Bonn)

    The video screening offers a preview of the planned exhibition project VIDEONALE IN LAGOS: Changing City – Shifting Spaces. This initiative by KfW Stiftung wishes to strengthen media art in Nigeria by supporting local up-and-coming talents in establishing international contacts. With the topic “Changing City – Shifting Spaces” VIDEONALE IN LAGOS explores the dynamics of urban spaces of everyday life.

    In cooperation with KfW Stiftung, Goethe-Institut Nigeria, Video Art Network (VAN), Lagos, Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Lagos

    3-4 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Talk: VIDEONALE IN LAGOS: Media Art in West Africa (English)

    Theo Eshetu (artist, Rome/Berlin) and Emeka Ogboh (artist, Lagos) in conversation with Nicola Müllerschön (Programme Manager Arts & Culture, KfW Stiftung, Frankfurt)

    Screening programme Videonale in Lagos PDF

    In cooperation with KfW Stiftung

    4 pm V.15 exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Announcement of Videonale Audience Award of KfW Stiftung  

  • Guided Tours

    Guided Tours VIDEONALE.15 exhibition
    Sunday, 1st March, 12 pm with Carmen Lenhart (V.15)
    Saturday, 7th March, 3 pm with Klaus Busch (AK)
    Saturday, 21st March, 3 pm with Gottfried Bertram (AK)
    Wednesday, 25th March, 6 pm with Jennifer Gassmann (Project Director/ Festival Programme V.15)
    Wednesday, 1st April, 6 pm with Susanne Kleinfeld (V.15)
    Saturday, 4th April, 3 pm with Klaus Busch (AK)
    Sunday, 19th April, 12 pm with Tasja Langenbach (Artistic Director V.15)

    Friday, 27th February, 6-8pm with Balz Isler (Artist, Berlin/Zurich)
    Meeting point: Fore court Kunstmuseum Bonn, tour ends at Fabrik 45
    Application required at
    Saturday, 21st March, 4-6 pm with EINE ART CLUB
    Meeting point: LVR-LandesMuseum, the tour ends at Fabrik 45