Videonale Award of the KfW Stiftung

Shelly Nadashi wins the Videonale Award of the KfW Stiftung 2015

From the 38 video works nominated, the five-member jury unanimously selected the artist’s video work “A Hidden Quiet Pocket”.

The members of the jury were: Steven Bode (Director Film and Video Umbrella London), Christian Jankowski (Artist and Award Winner VIDEONALE.14), Dr. Doris Krystof (Curator K21 Kunstsammlung NRW), Dr. Christoph Schreier (Deputy Director Kunstmuseum Bonn), Mike Stubbs (Director FACT London).

In its decision to award the Videonale Award of the KfW Stiftung, the jury stated:
“The work is of the moment –in its performative aesthetic, its directness and simplicity. It is also indicative that for some people in society, life is indeed a piece of cake.
‘A Hidden Quiet Pocket’ is a work about power relations, and an increasingly visible tension between the haves and the have-nots, whether winners and losers in the property market, or masters and servants in the service economy. For some, a hidden quiet pocket is a bubble of comfort and privilege; for others it a place in which they work but from which they are otherwise excluded.
The body becomes a site for massaging and pampering, but also the invasion of personal space.
The work is challenging, supple and extravagant in its use of language, but also visceral and unsettling, even sinister.
It also evokes how we are all increasingly performing and consuming a service within an attention economy.
We are please to give the prize to an emerging an artist and hope this helps her further develop her practice.”

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